Project Accounting has a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing where you want your accounts to source or pull from on your Project Accounting transactions.  Not only can you choose where the accounts are pulled from, but you can also mask specific segments on these accounts per project.  With all these different options it can be difficult to identify where your setup is pointing to or what you might be missing.  

There is a little known report in Project Accounting that can make troubleshooting much easier when you end up in a situation where one of your Project Accounting transactions are missing an account or contain an unexpected account.  This report is the PA Project Budget List. 

PA Project Budget List Report

On the Cards menu, point to Project, and then click Project.  

  1. In the Project Maintenance window, select the appropriate project.  
  2. On the File menu, click Print.
  3. On the left side, select Budget.  
  4. In the Include area on the right, click to select the Accounts check box.
  5. Click Print.

Note: To print Fee Accounts select, Fee instead of Budget on step 3 above. 

This report will print out a list of every budget on your project, and will tell you how that budget is sourced for each account type, as well as which account it is sourced to, or if there are any errors. 

Below are the 3 types messages you may see:

Image with errors 

1.  !!!-!!!!-!! - The account is missing from the source. 

This error is telling you that my WIP account is not set up in the location of my Source.  In this case the source is Project so you would use the chart below to enter a WIP account in the Project Accounts window to resolve this error.

2.  ***-****-** - The account is not in the General Ledger or is Inactive.

This error is telling you that your COGS account is not set up in the location of your Source.  In this case the source is Cost Category so you would use the chart below to see which account is set up for the COGS account on your Cost Category.  Then go to (Financial >> Cards >> Financial >> Account) and verify that the account exists and is not marked as inactive.

3.  ###-####-## - The Account has a Many-to-One Relationship with this source.

In this case, the Source is ‘Item’ which means that the Contra account will pull from the accounts on my Item Card.  Since there are many items that can be used, the account is variable, and will change based on the item on the transaction.  This message is not an error and is stating a fact for awareness.  You will also see this when the source is ‘Vendor’ for example.

Now the fun part!  If you are missing an account or are seeing an account on this report that you are not expecting to see, you can use the chart below to identify where that account setup is located in Microsoft Dynamics GP, based on the Source column of the report above.

If the account is missing or is not set up in the source’s location above, then the project will use your company’s posting accounts:

(MDGP>Tools > Setup > Posting > Posting Accounts > Project)

If the account displayed on the PA Project Budget List Report is similar to the account in the source, but has a segment that is different then you are most likely using segment overrides on your project. 

Account segment overrides will mask or change a specified account segment over the top of your sourced account based on the transaction/distribution type.  You can setup up these overrides in the following window. 

Account Segment Overrides: (Cards > Project > Project > sub account format expansion)

In the example below, I have chosen to mask my first segment with 999.  I am only masking the Work in Progress, Project Revenues, and Overhead accounts types.  All other accounts types will not have their first segment masked with 999.

If my source account for Overhead was 000-1100-00, it will become 999-1100-00 in this example.

Account Segment Overrides window

NOTE: Segment masking does not apply if the source is set to Specific.

I hope you find this information valuable and are able to use this not only for troubleshooting, but also to print and verify all of your accounts are set up the way that you are expecting when you create a new project or add a new budget to an existing project.

Isaac Olson

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support