It was asked for and now we finally have the ability in the User Access Setup window in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Administration > Setup > System > User Access) to search and sort for a specific company name and filter out inactive users from the list as well, making it easier to administrator user access to company databases and keep track of inactive and active user access.


The ‘Include Inactive Users’ option, allows us to either display or not display those users that have an ‘Inactive’ status applied to them, to more easily find the users that we need to add/remove company access for.

Also, the User Access window has always listed the company databases in the order they were created and there wasn't any way to change this, but now, we have the ability to sort the Company Name list by either company name (CMPNYNAM) or company ID (CMPANYID) values for easier navigation.

If the customer has multiple company names, we can now search through the list of companies for the one we want to work with and assign user access to or remove access accordingly.




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Derek Albaugh

Microsoft Support