Hi Everyone!

I have had quite a few cases on using the Historical Inventory Trial Balance(HITB) Report and recommending customers to use the report instead of Historical Stock Status Report. This blog will go over why to use the HITB Report and where to get it.

Firstly, I will talk about where to get the report if you do not already have it. It became available after GP10.0 Service Pack 2. If you upgraded from a GP version prior to that and still do not have the report you will need to run the HITB Reset Tool. You can download the tool in the following link. Make sure to select the appropriate tool version per your GP version. (an FAQ document and White Paper are available at this link as well)


The HITB Reset Tool creates your HITB Report but most importantly it creates a starting point where the General Ledger and Inventory Control Balance.

Next, we will go over why to use the HITB Report.

1.  It is the only report we recommend using to balance your Inventory to your General Ledger. (it was specifically designed to balance IV to GL)

2.The report shows your inventory value as of a specific date or date range and the value of the five-different quantity types. (On Hand, In Use, In Service, Damaged, Returned)

a. The Historical Stock Status(HSSR) Report only shows On Hand quantity type.

3. The HITB Report is very efficient due to it being strictly SQL based.

a. The HSSR and Stock Status Report are code based which makes them slower on large data sets.

4.The HSSR does not show specific cost adjustments which can cause the HSSR report to become out of balance from the General Ledger.

5. If a user does not check maintain history on Item Number and processes transactions, the HSSR will not be populated making the report off. The HITB will always update once a transaction affecting Inventory is posted to the General Ledger even without any option check marked.

Hopefully, this blog answered some of your questions on the HITB and convinced you to use the report for Inventory reporting.