Have you ever been querying in SQL tables and noticed dates like '5/1/2041'?   I see it all the time.... which may skew certain reporting.   If you didn't already know, there is a 'DOC DATE VERIFY' tool available in the Professional Service Tools Library (PSTL) that will help to prevent users from posting invalid dates in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Check it out.

Simply install PSTL from PartnerSource (or contact your Microsoft Partner to do so), create a shortcut to access it from within Dynamics GP, and mark the checkbox to activate the 'Doc Date Verify' tool under Misc. Tools in PSTL.  That's all you do for setup.  It couldn't be easier.

At the time the user keys* an invalid date on a document, they will get prompted 'A fiscal period for this date has not been set up." to alert the user that the date is not valid within any fiscal years  currently set up in Dynamics GP.  The user can simply click CONTINUE and edit the date as needed.  This functionality forces the user to key in a document date that exists within a valid fiscal period set up, or is not closed.  So many users are ecstatic when I tell them about this free tool!

• The user will be prompted in Payables, Receivables, POP, SOP and Inventory windows:

Payables Transaction Entry
Payables Manual Payment Entry
Purchase Order Entry
Receivings Transaction Entry 
Purchasing Invoice Entry
Receivables Transaction Entry
Cash Receipts Entry
Sales Transaction Entry
Invoice Entry
Inventory Transaction Entry

• Another good tip for your clients to make keying easier and quicker:

Did you know you don't need to key the ENTIRE date in?   For example, when keying invoices into Payables ,the invoice dates are random on each invoice, but usually within the same month.  The user may key 6/2/2020 for a document date on one invoice, and then need to key 6/10/2020 on the next.  The user may key the entire date in on each invoice, but they don't nee to.... Did you know that the user can just click to highlight the default date and only key '10' and tab off the date?   The month and year will remain in tact.   Many users don't know this and are super excited when they learn this tip to minimize the keystrokes needed.  If all the dates on the pile of invoices are in June, they can just key the DD, and let the MM and YYYY default.  Share this tip!  Your customers will be excited to learn this.

Review detailed information on installing and using all the tools available in PSTL.

I hope the information provided will be helpful to the user and save them time! 

Thank you for your time!  Enjoy the summer! 

Cheryl Waswick
Microsoft Dynamics GP Support