I have heard from a number of clients and users that they are confused over the term "Hybrid".  And, why it the world would I be saying GP2018R2 Hybrid?

The term Hybrid, can, of course, be scary - like the Chimera virus from the Mission Impossible 2 movie... or a merging of scary and fictional beasts like the Lycan and Vampire from the Underworld movie!

Or, it can be beautiful like the combination of wonderful things, like hybrid flowers - that take two distinct but similar things and merge them into something wholly beautiful in it's own right!

When, during their presentation at the GP Tech Conference, the Microsoft Presenters used the term "Hybrid".  I think they were using it to describe the ability to use the CDS (Common Data Service) sync capabilities for GP data to the cloud and the ability to use AI to analyze that data.

While the synced data is extremely limited in GP2018R2, I think it's important to note that they did mention they will continue to build on this idea.

But, is it a "Hybrid", Really?

In my opinion, it is.  It is the ability to "sync" some GP data to the CDS and use some of the benefits of the technology around D365BC- making it a type of Hybrid. Additionally, the word "Hybrid" was used by Microsoft to describe this in their presentation as well.

Do I need to re-train my staff?

No, GP will look and feel the same to everyone in the organization.  The Intelligent Edge is on a tab you may never even have to look at.

Do I have to use the Intelligent Edge?

No, you have the choice of whether to set it up or not.

It's just a little bit of my data syncing, why then, call it a hybrid?

Its just a little bit now, but this ability is being developed for future syncing of more information.

So, why am I so excited about this?

A number of Partners and Users are unsure of where GP is going.  I feel that this step by Microsoft of syncing data from an on-prem SQL install to the cloud really says a lot about how Microsoft recognizes the value of GP and how strong it is in the market as well as what an awesome product it is and will continue to be.  I find this a step in the direction of GP staying around, but being able to report and enjoy other benefits of being "in the cloud".  It will be the ability to use the CDS and Machine Learning to help my clients make better decisions.  Frankly, I'm psyched about it!

I think that this is a wonderful step - on top of the OTHER awesome enhancements coming in GP2018R2 a list of which you can find HERE

Hybrids in our world are mostly beautiful!