Now that we have learned how to setup emailing in Dynamics GP (Click Here for Post 1), let’s look at how to use the email functionality in Dynamics GP!

 The first question on the typical user’s mind when questioning how to begin using email in Dynamics GP is how to update all of your vendors or customer with their email addresses. As we look over how to setup your vendor email addresses and start using them please keep in mind that these addresses can be imported into GP and we’ll go over some of the popular ways to import the addresses later in this post.

Where are eMail Addresses Stored For Master Records

Email addresses are stored on the addresses of your customers and vendors. This means that they are associated with specific Address ID’s and if you do not use the Address ID with the email address on it, then you will not be able to email the transaction.


With this said, this is an awesome way to ensure the right person at any given organization will receive the email.

 On Vendor and Customer Cards you’ll note that you can assign different Address ID’s to default onto various transactions, let’s look at the Customer card for an example.

 In the below screenshot you’ll notice that I can select a different ID for these types of transactions:

1)       Ship To

2)      Bill To

3)       Statement To


The same applies for various transactions in the Vendor Card

1)       Purchases

2)      Remit To

3)       Ship From


As a matter of fact, since you can have an unlimited number of Address ID’s for every Vendor or Customer, and since you can add any address ID to any transaction on the fly (usually) then this gives you some pretty awesome flexibility and automation around emailing.

How to Add Addresses to Master Records

Open up the Address ID that you wish to add the email address to.

 Purchasing: Purchasing>Cards>Addresses

Sales:              Sales>Cards>Addresses

 Create or select the Address ID to add the eMail to and then select the icon next to the Address ID that resembles a Globe


This will open the Internet Information Window.

 You can also open this window by going to Administration>Setup>Company>Internet Information (If you open it this way you will have to select the Series, the Master ID and the Address ID before entering the Internet Information. However, if you are using a Macro to import the addresses, this is the best window to start at.

 Now you just enter the email addresses for To.. and Cc.. and Bcc..

 You can also utilize this window to store other information relevant to the Customer or Vendor that is internet related such as:

1)       Home Pages

2)      FTP Site

3)       Image

4)      Messenger Address

5)       Login

    1. For Information Only

6)      Password

    1. For Information Only

7)       Two User Defined Fields

8)      Entry for Additional Information


Although the above fields are more informational than transactional, keep in mind that all fields in GP can be brought into reporting and utilized for automation in several other ways.


eMailing Transactions in Dynamics GP

Here are the types of transactions you can use emailing with:


  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Fulfillment Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Sales Back Order
  • Packing Slip
  • Receivables Invoice
  • Receivables Return
  • Receivables Debit Memo
  • Receivables Credit Memo
  • Receivables Finance Charge
  • Receivables Service/Repairs
  • Receivables Warranty
  • Customer Statements


  • Purchase Orders
  • Remittances

 Keep in mind as we went over in the last Post – Each of these transactions can have a separate and customized email message sent with the transaction

 Example: Let’s email Invoices and Statements to some Customers.

 I have two emails to Customers using my STDINV Document ID. (little caveat – the Document Format in SOP Setup must be Blank Paper to be able to email)

 To email, I simply click the email button at the top of the window.


GP will pause to generate the email


For one invoice, I have, as the customer requested, attached the Purchase Order that they sent for the items in GP and will use GP to send it along with my invoice for the items.


When you hit email, it will send the invoice and any attachments that you selected.


And, now you are ready to email from Dynamics GP!!


How to get Email Addresses on Master Records?


There are three main options

 1)       Use SmartConnect by eOne Solutions which has a node built in for integrating to this area in Dynamics GP


2)      Table Import through Dynamics GP



3)       Macro using mail merge in Dynamics GP


 Look for my third and final post in this series coming soon – Dynamics GP Tables for emailing in GP


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