Now that many of us are up and running on GP 2018 and it’s myriad and awesome new features, I would like to talk more about one of my absolute favorite new features in GP 2018.

Dynamics GP’s Build Payment Batch Options

First Things First – the menu item “Select Checks” in Purchasing Transaction is no longer there! It is now called “Build Payment Batch”.

This is because in GP 2018 it’s super easy to use more than one payment form including EFT and Credit Card. And, apparently my distinguished neighbors to the north don’t use “checks”.

Do you continually have to build separate Check Runs for various criteria? As you know, in versions below 2018 that means manually selecting all of the criteria for the check run each time.

Now, in GP 2018 you can SAVE your build selections so that you do not have to continue to change them to how that particular check run needs to be done.  

For instance: Do you run one check run without allowing prior payments, returns and credit memo’s to auto apply during the build process? Create a Payment Option ID that uses those settings.

Simply create your check batch and select your saved option:


How about check runs based on Class ID? Save that setting and pull up the already filtered class ID’s with a saved Payment Option ID:

The configurations go on and on, but all of the previous filters for building check runs are still there.

How about that One Payment Per Option? In prior versions you needed to select this and it applied to every vendor in the check run. However NOW, if you’ve got that one weird vendor who needs a check for each and every invoice you can choose to do that on their vendor card and it will flow down into the “Select Checks” Build… oh, um… “Build Payment Batch” build.

In the Vendor Card is where you can find the setting – under options – you can choose to pay just this vendor with “One Payment Per Invoice” or “One Payment Per Vendor”.   (It defaults to Per Vendor).

And in Build Payments Batch, just use the "One Payment Per" Use Vendor Option!!

Super cool, eh? I would have loved this when I was still an accountant!

This change is just one of many User-Optimized changes in Dynamics GP 2018


By Jo deRuiter, MCP, Advanced Credentialed Professional-Dynamics GP with Heartland Business Systems, LLC: A full service IT and business consulting firm proudly serving all of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.  For more information about our Microsoft Dynamics GP support and consulting services, please visit us at