Over 45 demos now available online to show off Dynamics GP


Partner Agile Cloud Execution (PACE) Program has new content for all partners.  Since it’s #FabrikamDay which is our demo company, it’s a great time to give you demo coolness.


New to the program?  The why, what and how of PACE.



The buying behavior has changed.  People self-shop and self-educate.  They don’t want to talk to salespeople. Because of these trends, the way we sell needs to change.  Most partners get the majority of leads from referral which doesn’t lead to growth anymore.


In my opinion, we lose Dynamics GP deals sometimes because we are outsold.  It’s not functionality, experience or skills.  It’s sales tactics.  We have deep experience, incredible knowledge but don’t makes sales pitches well.  We didn’t need to before, but now we do because we don’t get to talk to the buyer like we used to.


A partners job is seriously hard and complex.  It’s a lot.  We’re here to help where it makes sense for you.


What is PACE?

PACE is a program enables partners to evolve their sales and marketing motions to be more agile and automated.  It is designed to give partners the ability to change specifics processes at the timeframe they can handle.


How PACE works?

It’s time to get tactical. Making change is hard, especially when it’s a process that has been on autopilot for a long period of time.  In this program we break it down into small steps and with help from us along the way.  The partner owns the project and we help drive results.


Introducing the PACE Demo Viewer Dashboard available to all partners.  This is the first step in automating your sales and marketing processes through demos.  These are view only demos.  If you want to add your brand, edit, modify or create your own you need to get into the PACE program.


Pam Misialek and John Dooley