What are all of the dbo.zDP_xxx Tables and Stored Procedures?

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Mike Bailey asked a question on 29 Mar 2012 12:25 PM

We're using GP 10, and I'm doing some database clean up and notice hundreds of tables and stored procedures that named in the format of dbo.zDP_xxx_n, where 'xxx' is a "regular" table name, and 'n' is a number, or iteration. For example, I see these tables:

dbo.zDP_RM00101F_1,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_2,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_3,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_4,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_5,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_6, dbo.zDP_RM00101F_7,  dbo.zDP_RM00101F_8

What are these and where do they come from?  Are they all needed? Can they be cleaned up somehow?


Mike Bailey

Victoria Yudin responded on 30 Mar 2012 5:23 AM


If you are seeing tables with names starting with zDP that sounds wrong.  I would expect all the SQL objects staring with zDP to be stored procedures.  The default company database installation will have over 20,000 stored procedures, this is normal.  Here is a blog post explaining what these do in more detail: blogs.msdn.com/.../what-do-the-zdp-auto-generated-stored-procedures-do.aspx.  

Mike Bailey responded on 30 Mar 2012 5:44 AM

Thanks Victoria.  I went back and looked and you are correct, these are only Stored Procedures, and not tables, and I have 24,442 of them. As long as this is normal, then okay.

Thanks agian,

Mike Bailey