GP10 GP utility wont run

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I have this installed on win7 64 machines with no problem. I installed gp10 on a brand new win7 32 bit same way i have installed in the past on 64 bit machines and i get this error when i run the GP Utility  " an error occurred while using the BCP utility - - data was not correctly copied to the server. please verify your ODBC setting and that the BCP has been installed correctly. I get the same error message is i try to run as admin as well. please advise.....HELP


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  • It seems to be you have installed server version of Dynamics GP. Install client version.



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  • Im using the client version. I installed it no problem on xp machine and

    Win 7 64b.

  • Scott, I have seen this error come up when you do not have enough permissions. Sometimes you can get away with right clicking the shortcut and using 'Run as administrator'. If that does not work, log into Windows as the local built-in administrator.

  • This techknowledge might help.

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  • BCP.exe is a Bulk Copy Program that is not always available on newer versions of windows.  Find it on the web and install it on the Win7 machines you are having a problem with.

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  • Hi,

    I'm going to second the vote for 'Run as Administrator'. I've been greeted with the BCP utility error many times. Usually the 'run as administrator' method works, other times I've just copied the BCP.exe file into the GP base folder.

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  • I tried running as admin and it got me a little further. Im going to also copy the bcp into the gp folder. Thank you allvfor your help ill let u know if it works tomorrow.

  • Scott,

    Still run as admin. Also, log in as the Administrator if ya' can.

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