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Charles Akoury asked a question on 11 Apr 2014 6:22 AM

Dear All,

Please note that we are facing an issue in the available quantity of some items the system is allowing to issue sales orders with quantity available in minus. In the first the quantity is not showing minus but it's look like a wrong quantity then after reconciling the system is recalculating the available quantity to be in minus. Did you encounter such issue before? What do you think it will related to? How do you advise to fix it?

Please note that we are using e-connect in order to integrate the confirmed invoices from WMS (Infor Warehouse Management System) to GP. Is there any bug in E-connect in the SOP for the version that we have? We have GP 10 SV 5

Thank you

Mahmoud M. AlSaadi responded on 11 Apr 2014 7:22 AM

The override option; which is setup in both SOP and Inventory, controls the ability withdraw quantities in minus even if they are not available in inventory. Let me provide you with the full scenario;

Supposedly, in your SOP setup, the override option can be checked as below;

  • Sales Order Processing |  Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Sales > Sales Order Processing > Sales Document Setup > Fulfillment Order/ Invoice
Now, when you go to the SOP window and issue a sales order for an item with (No quantity on hand), the system will pop up a list of options for you to check which are shown below;
In eConnect, this is included in the schema as a QtyShrtOpt, the default value is (2). This could be the source of your issue.

Best Regards,

Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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Charles Akoury responded on 11 Apr 2014 10:02 PM

Dear Mahmoud,

Thank you for your reply. First we do not allow Shortage quantity and the parameter related is off.

Second we are facing a rare cases in this if the below flag is set to accept then we may encounter more cases.

In all cases we will check this parameter and revert. Usually the integration thru e-connect is taking the parameters from the GP setup itself.

Please advise