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Bill Campbell asked a question on 11 Mar 2015 4:23 PM


We are installed on a single VM box, running Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014.  There have been no other versions of anything ever installed on this computer - it is NEW and each time I wrecked something, I wiped the VM and started from scratch - no uninstall - no part working systems - if something failed I tossed everything down to the OS and started over again - getting pretty dam quick at getting it all done right.

Issue: Workflow will not send messages

We have gotten WF to the point where we pass the 'email' test and even get an email issued to my personal email account.  But that is as far as we are going at this point.


When we created a single step PO Requisition and said that if the amount is over 5,000 send it to 'billc' to get approved.

We created the PO for 30,000 and clicked Submit

It shows on the top menu space that the First Step Approve has been submitted to 'billc' and we are waiting on approval until 5:00 pm tonight.

(that was yesterday)

5:00 pm came and went and nothing happened to the PO Requisition and no email were sent out setting off alarms of rage (lol, have to have some fun)


In our configuration we set up user 'sa' to have a 500.00 limit in Purchase Order enhancement and that user reports to 'billc'.  User 'billc' has unlimited authorization to approve POs.  I was not even sure we had to do this but - old habits die hard.

We then in Workflow Configuration set up a single step WF under Purchase Order Requisition and assigned it as shown below

The send message block contains the 'out of the box' offering that is prepared for PO Requisition and we did nothing to it.

Another question here is related to the Step Type - here we have selected Approve.  The other option is Task. Can someone clarify the difference?

Hope this is enough to get a bunch of good responses.  Look forward to feed back - if more details are needed, simply ask and I will do what I can.

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Derek Albaugh responded on 26 Mar 2015 3:20 PM

Hello Bill,

In the Workflow Setup window, when you do a test email, did you try sending it to the email addresses of the approvers, as you did your own personal email address?

I first thought you may be running into the NetBIOS issue that we had in versions prior to 12.00.1801 for Dynamics GP 2013 R2, but if you're seeing the PO stating it is pending approval by billc, and 'billc' is actually showing, then that wouldn't be our NetBIOS issue.

The Workflow 2.0 functionality only uses Windows user accounts, it doesn't use the GP logins for any reason other than the account must be able to access the Purchase Order Entry window to submit or approve POs sent to them, but you'll only be able to approve if you're logged on as the Windows user account that is listed as the approver, in this case 'Bill Campbell'.

The email address that Workflow 2.0 uses is that of the user's Windows Account from within the Domain Controller/Active Directory.

As for the Approval vs Task, the documentation states the following:

--Approval: If this step requires a user must give approval as part of the workflow process, select Approval.

--Task: If this step requires that a user must complete a procedure as part of the workflow process, select Task.

In regards to Workflow 2.0, it doesn't treat approvals and tasks any differently, as it still looks at the workflow steps in accordance to the PO that is submitted for approval, and when the approver brings up the PO assigned to them, they'll either see 'Approve' or 'Task Complete' for the options. That's really the only difference as far as Workflow 2.0.