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Larry Hendren asked a question on 4 Apr 2015 3:54 PM

I have re-written an invoice report from scratch and have never seen this happen previously.

When I drag PA fields to the Report Header, none of them from that section show up on the printed report even though they are correctly placed on the design.  PA fields do show up on the Page Header and Report Footer correctly.  Also, RM fields show up correctly in the Report Header (as well as the other sections).

When I delete the Report Header, save, then add a blank Report Header, add PA fields, I have the same problem.  I have done dozens of PA forms and reports, but have never had this problem.

Somakarpagamoorthy Kanagasabapathy responded on 5 Apr 2015 8:53 AM

What is the name of the report?

Which table is attached to this report as primary?

Have you used the PA fields from primary table?

Have you changed the report type to modified in Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window?

Hope this helps!!!

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