Management Reporter - Specifying quarter for a report

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Jon_M asked a question on 17 Jul 2017 9:45 AM

Hoping there is an alternative to the only solution I've come up with.

Trying to use a particular Column definition and report on various time spans. period: quarter: year

My solution - which I'm not fond of - is to create 3 separate Column definitions: 1) for a specific period run; a second for a specific 3 month period report and a third for a year to date timeframe.   I've not yet come up with a reason for a 6 or 9 month period that doesn't start with period 1, but...

Each one has the same columns presented- the only difference is the period covered.

What I'm hoping to discover - something where "Time Spans" can be defined such that a particular set of Report Definitions could be

Row, Column, Tree and TimeSpan - removing or allowing spans to be part of the parameters to feed to the Report vs just a 'starting point' base period

Using the MR Period criteria for the Columns I see I can set fixed period ranges, base plus or minus specific ranges.

However each is column definition specific meaning I have to create 3 separate definitions and maintain 3 separate definitions versus just one column and a timespan combination.   Those timespans could be used with multiple report definitions.  Absent that I can see the potential that there could be quite a number of column defs that have to be maintained at least 2x (period and YTD) and likely a 3rd time to run for a particular quarter.

Is there an alternate solution or better tool in general than MR?

Mariano Gomez responded on 17 Jul 2017 8:19 PM

Can't you define all 3 columns formats used on each of the reports within the same Column Definition? If not, your solution is as good as anyone else's.