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Silent Deployment of Integration Manger using SCCM

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Killragtshirts asked a question on 26 Oct 2009 4:34 PM

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Hi, I have been given the task to silently deploy dynamics GP 10 with integration manager and FRX using SCCM. I noticed there was a deployment resource available for GP 10. However, integration manager there seems to be virtually nothing. 

I have the MSI however, when I silently deploy it I don’t seem to be able to configure the econnect COM component like you can when you just run integration manager.exe.


More specifically...When I run the .exe I get asked to enter the windows account for running eConnect. This account will be used to run the eConnect COM+ application.


Anyway could I possibly script this at a later stage?


Many Thanks

Sunbeam De Jesus responded on 15 Nov 2009 8:40 PM
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I am intrigue by your constant use of silently, do you mean you don’t want anybody to know about what you are going to install?

You can install IM and Frx in your own pc and connect your ODBC to the server, nobody will know.

The econnect windows account will be use to start econnect services; you can edit this from the services control panel after your installation.



Killragtshirts responded on 15 Nov 2009 9:01 PM


In so many words yes. Packaging applications so they can be delivered to any number of desktops silentently and in an unattended fashion reduces the overhead of the time it takes to install applications manually. SCCM 2007 can handle the installation with no UI prompts or prompts for further user interaction. Its also a way of keeping software installations standard. At the moment the whole process of manually installing GP10, integration manager and FRX takes between 45 minutes and an hour for each desktop. I have managed to package up GP10 and add it to SCCM so it can auto install on my machine in about 10 minutes. When I try to package up Integration Manager I get the Econnect + prompt and this is what I cant seem to configure after the integration manager installation.

OK I will install Integration Manager and see if I can configure the Econnect services after.


Sunbeam De Jesus responded on 15 Nov 2009 9:38 PM
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hi, now i get what you mean by silently, sorry for that:)


If using Active Directory, take a look at the white paper Using Group Policy to Deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP at

Killragtshirts responded on 16 Nov 2009 3:56 PM

Hi Mariano,

I get access is denied on that link.

Mike Brimberry responded on 19 Nov 2009 10:46 AM

I am currently working on a silent install for the eConnect Com+ component.

For eConnect you can supply the username, password and domain with these parameters.

eConnect.msi /qb COMUSER=Username COMUSERDOMAIN=Domain COMUSERPASSWORD=password




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