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Sales Payment Remittance Processing -Dynamics GP 2013

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mahmoud.sarhan asked a question on 13 Aug 2018 2:16 AM

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I had an less knowledge about remittance and how to make many sales remittance for the same Check Cash receipts, its argent please  

Almas Mahfooz responded on 13 Aug 2018 6:34 AM
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Your question needs more explanation. Nice tag :)

mahmoud.sarhan responded on 13 Aug 2018 6:51 AM

thx almas and my question about how do i make more than one remittance for the same cash receipt

as example :

the check cash receipt created to be in checkbook named: (Remaining Doller checks Safe) " this checkbook is my company's internal safe storing all received checks that not delivered to bank "

1st remittance : i want to deliver this check from (Remaining Doller checks Safe) to other checkbook named:  (HSBC Doller ) "this check book refer to the bank what contained in the check to collect it and get the money cash"

2nd remittance : i want to deliver the cash what i collected it from (HSBC Doller) to other checkbook named : ( Collected Doller checks Safe) "this safe contains the collected checks " and then i want to effect it on our customer balance.



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