Businesses worldwide are adopting digital transformation for efficiency, productivity, and profits. If you are also considering digital transformation, we'd like to offer three important tips to help you start off on the right foot.

Let's talk about the importance of:

    • Getting back to the basics of your business
    • Why software selection doesn't come first, but it comes early
    • How ISVs can aid your digital transformation and help you reach your goals

1. Get back to business basics

The critical first step for your digital transformation journey is understanding your business processes and how they relate to your goals. What are you doing and why? What do you hope to achieve with your technology and ISV solutions?

Microsoft Fast Track Solutions Architect Rachel Profitt explains:

"Take the software out of this. As a company, when you listen to your CEO, what is your company's vision? What are your company's goals? That has to be your starting point. If your goals are to increase sales or increase customer satisfaction, that has to be the driver. And so everything you do from a technology standpoint should support that."

Consider your internal business processes and goals before evaluating any software.

2. Remember that software selection comes second

If you presently use or are investigating Microsoft Dynamics 365, think about your business processes and goals and consider how Dynamics 365 can help you achieve them. Choose software and technology that helps further these goals.

Decisions regarding choosing ISVs or third-party solutions to enhance your core ERP should also relate to the fundamental goals of your organization.

For example, if the goal is to increase sales, it is vital to understand how the given solution will meet that challenge. If the solution does not further your stated goal, then it's probably not suitable for your company.

3. Understand the role of ISVs in implementation and adoption

For ISVs, it is essential to think about the solution and how it will differentiate the business from its competitors. To ensure adoption ISVs need to translate the differentiation into the business process and help customers adopt the software by providing adequate training.
End users operate the system daily, and how they work on it makes a difference. If they do not feel comfortable or know how to use it, then the solution (no matter how amazing it is) doesn't matter.

Profitt shares insight on how ISVs should contribute to the implementation process:

I think the way ISVs can contribute to that is to work to translate your clicks and your technology into actual business processes and benefits. Then, when implementing solutions, you can compare the business processes you've aligned to your best practices and goals: "Okay. If this is your business process, this is how you configure the solution."

Inadequate training is often the leading cause for businesses failing to adopt new technology. Without training, users will resist using it to its full capacity and will revert to former practices.

A change management strategy is vital for testing, training, and adoption.

What's coming – Microsoft set to increase focus on change management

Profitt divulges that a new chapter on change management is in the works and coming soon.

" Often, I see businesses buy all this cool technology, and it's great, but it's too hard to use. Or they didn't train their users, or they forgot to ask about X, Y, and Z.  So, some corner cases weren't covered. And that's where testing strategies and training and adoption strategies, and change management strategies are so critical. We have chapters in our Dynamics 365 implementation guide that are all about these topics. And a new chapter on Change management is coming soon."

For those who need more change management tips, try an internet search; there is a wealth of information and guidance on the topic.

For more insight on digital adoption for Dynamics 365 from Rachel Profitt, listen to the Digital Adoption podcast episode 8: Essential User Adoption Tips for D365 F&O.


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