Zetadocs Express saves&send incomplete report in NAV 2013

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I am using Zetadocs Express in a new implementation with NAV 2013.

I recently discovered Zetadocs Express does not support the standard NAV Report Selection functionality so I had to make some changes in this case to Report 405 Purchase Order.

Once I have described the enviroment, my problem comes because when I use the print functionalty, report is printed correctly but when I use the Zetadocs Express functionality, it doesn't matter save, send or both, all the fields in the Header of the report are left blank.

Any idea why this could be happening? There might be some specifications to comply in the report design?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Luis,

    In NAV 2013, can you try printing your report to PDF using standard NAV functionality (Ctrl+Shift+P), does this result in same output (ie header section missing?) If yes, then you will need to amend your report design so that it works OK using this standard NAV function, and then Zetadocs Express Save & Send should work OK.

    The following technote details how to add Save & Send functionality to any NAV report: ZTN4190

    Thank you.

    David Cole

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Hello David,

    I kept on investigating and realized that the error was in NAV as you consider in your reply.

    Yesterday I got a solution in NAV and finally tested with positive results.

    I am copying the link to the solution I found if this can help anyone else:  saurav-nav.blogspot.com.es/.../nav-2013-report-header-doesnt-get.html

    Thanks for the HOWTO note.