Navision 4.00 SP2 - installation on Windows 8.0

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I have upgraded my computer to Windows 8.0 and can not run Navision, It's ok to install but can not run - HELP! 

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    NAV 4.0 sp3 (with dedicated build for Windows 7) works also on windows 8 (this build is a porting from Nav 5 client dll); we try only with NAV Sql Server client, not native client.

    The problem is that NAV 4.0 sp3 is patched for Windows 7 (not for windows 8 an windows is not present on OS compatibility list)... works but... you can have some unexpected problems using nav 4.0 sp3 on Windows 8 (performance, locking & deadlocking, timeouts etc. etc.)

    The fast solution is the one suggested by Aleksandar:perform a NAV technical ugrade from 4.0 to 2009 R2

    another :  use a virtual machine with windows_xp on windows8 (fast then a Windows 7 virtual machine)


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