In local sales report export order also displaying

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Cindrella Rajkumar asked a question on 21 Oct 2017 1:50 AM

Dear Nav friends,

I'm executing the local sales report  - > export to excel . In the output  Export Sales are coming in Domestic  Sales Register . i have used the following dataitems.

And for sales invoice header and sales credit memo header  i have used the following filters.  

when i m executing the report i displays the export sales order also .:(

 my general setup i have given the following .

  and i have coded as follows:

EnterCell(RowNo,3,"Sales Invoice Line"."Shortcut Dimension 2 Code",FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,'');

Can you please help  .. 

Neil Fraser responded on 23 Oct 2017 6:41 AM


2 'not equals' in a filter not possible. Better to include all required using combination of '|' and '..'.


Manish Sharma responded on 23 Oct 2017 7:01 AM

Why don't you filter the records on customer ledger entry on customer posting group ,rather than filtering it on Sales Invoice Header.

The report will execute faster also.