Security Permissions required for Merging a record?

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Tourism Whistler asked a question on 30 Mar 2012 3:40 PM


I have a user attempting to merge a record and they are getting an error message that reads "Cannot merge selected records as you do not have read access to some attributes in the records being merged"

The user is a member of the 'Sales Manager' security role and has the following permissions on Core Records


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

AmateurBond responded on 6 Aug 2012 4:46 PM

I have the same issue with one of our users.  In my situation, this user who is having the merging issue has the same Security Role as another User who can merge Account record.  They are both under the same Business Unit as well.  I am at a loss. Please help!

Many thanks

AmateurBond responded on 7 Aug 2012 7:08 PM

Hi Tourism Whistler,

Not sure if you have fouind a solution to your issue. I had the same issue.

My scenario is that both my Users have the same Security Roles and in the same Business Units. But the funny thing is that only one of them can merge the 2 Duplicated Accounts.

Upon further investigation and reading the Securtiy Model page in MS Dynamics CRM, there are 3 kinds of security levels (if you want to call it). They are namely:

1. Role-based security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on grouping a set of privileges together that describe the responsibilities (or tasks that can be performed) for a user.

2. Record-based security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on access rights to specific records.

3. Field-level security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM restricts access to specific high business impact fields in an entity only to specified users or teams.

I had to use the "process of elimination"  and work through each level. I had a look at the Security Roles and as stated before, the 2 users had the same security roles. So Role-based security was not the

problem for my user,

Very seldom that we use Record-based security. So that eliminates that level of security and finally I came across the field level security where specific field permissions such as Create, Update or Read are added to the filed security profile. So you may want to compare that as the error was quite specific about  the reading of some records attributes.

Good luck!