In July 2017 we received cheque from our US based customer and deposited the same in our USD account further, we updated the customer ledger and applied the payment against outstanding invoices.

After five days bank informed that the cheque was dishonored.  In July 2017 we received the new cheque and our receivable accountant entered the payment in the NAV and keep it as unapplied.

At the time of July 2017 Bank reconciliation we cleared the new cheque (cleared by the bank) and the old cheque was kept as outstanding deposit in the bank statement and posted the bank reconciliation.     

Once we realized this mistake the bank reconciliation was already posted. We tried to unapply the dishonored cheque in our system but system wont allowed it, probably due to exchange gain/ loss entry as the account is in USD.

To rectify this mistake we made a sales invoice and credited our USD Bank GL account. As a result of this transaction, our customer account is now balanced.

During our August 2017 bank reconciliation we noted that this sales invoice entry (in which we used USD bank account) is not appearing in the bank statement, which is necessary to set off the outstanding dishonored cheque appearing at bank reconciliation level. 

Please suggest the solution for this problem.