I have the Document Creator addon. This is my first time using it, I've copied an existing report object in standard Nav and copied the correct report layout in Document Creator.

I notice when I preview the report with data all the labels have a hashtag #.  So instead of Invoice No. I see  #Invoice No.


When I look go to design the report object and look at all the Columns for the labels I notice all the label text in the Data Source column are wrapped in a function Trl().  So in my example above, I see Trl('Invoice No.')

When I remove the Trl(), the hashtag goes away.  I would rather not do this to all label columns in this report, there are very many.

Since I copied from an existing working report, and that report does not show hashtags when previewed... I am wondering if I am missing a setting or something else. Or at least, I would like some basic info about Trl() as I cannot find any documentation on it.