Hi All,

I have setup the service module for a client in a NAV 2016 environment. Currently I am totally at a loss for the lack of documentation with regards to the ability to return items that might be consumed by an service order or not. My client runs a technical business in which errors rise on machines. When these errors rise there are multiple possible solutions for the same error. So they sent there tech teams out with mutiple stock items of which they almost certainly know that some might be returned unused by the technicians. 

My problem is I cannot see any functionality like that strictly reverses a posted shipment of items. Also we use warehouse handling, which require receipts into warehouses. So the service department always needs to return items that were unused in service orders to the warehouse with a warehouse receipt document. . 

If anyone know how to return items posted in a shipment from a service order, I would highly appreciate how this is done. Normally with sales shipments, you can undo a posted sales line, but the posted service shipment does not have this option.