I am attempting to set up a Positive Pay export for a customer of ours and they require a Routing No. and a Transaction No. to be present in the Positive Pay Export output. Since neither pertain to a field from the Positive Pay Detail table, which I am using for the Field Mapping, I created a Transformation Rule for both. I set the mapping for both lines to use the Account Number field, then used a Transformation Rule with a Transformation Type of Replace to change the Account Number value into the Routing No. in one rule and the Transaction No. in the other.

 Upon exporting, no value appears for the Routing No. column, but the rule applied for the Transaction No. column worked. I had a developer apply Hotfix 379424 from Cumulative Update 8, this allowed the Transformation Rule to have an effect on the export output, but also led to the blank value for the Routing No. column to occur.

 I have exported the Data Exchange Definition and imported it into a company database that is updated up to CU38. When I perform the Positive Pay Export, the Transformation Rule works correctly for the Routing No. column and the correct value appears in the export output file. I have looked through the Cumulative Update list and have not found any fix that corresponds with this issue.

 Could someone point me to which hotfix needs to be utilized to correct this issue? Currently, the customer's database where the Positive Pay is being implemented is at CU5 and has the hotfixes of CU8 379318, CU12 380648, and CU13 381084. The hotfix 381212 from CU14 is not desired because the customer needs the commas in the amount column to be present when uploading.