In ‘marketing speak’, The Partner Connections Event 2014 (TPCE) will bring a whole new level of opportunities for Microsoft Dynamics Partners to build sales, marketing, leadership, consultant, and developer/architect skills by networking and learning from each other and industry experts.

And here are 33 more candid reasons why you should be in St. Louis from October 13-14 to attend TPCE…

  1. Create fresh strategy on how to close that next big deal.
  2. Get a better handle on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner and ISV ecosystem.
  3. Hear about the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Launch.
  4. Get your sales and marketing people on the same page.
  5. Fine tune your leadership skills to take your team to the next level.
  6. Enjoy meeting with and learning from your peers.
  7. Create valuable relationships within the Microsoft Dynamics channel.
  8. Pick industry expert brains during lunch!
  9. ‘Drink the koolaid’ that is Microsoft Dynamics.
  10. Try an ooey gooey butter cake (ALL the rage in St. Louis and you seriously have to try this!).
  11. Revamp your marketing and sales value propositions.
  12. See, hear, and feel the energy happening in the Microsoft Dynamics channel.
  13. Pitch fresh and new ideas to your prospects and clients.
  14. Get the most ‘bank for your buck’- two great conferences in ONE trip.
  15. Impress your employees with stellar leadership skills and techniques.
  16. Gain the motivation to keep on keeping on.
  17. Gain knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics Channel, especially if you’re a newbie!
  18. Stay up to date on trends and hot topics in our industry.
  19. Enjoy beautiful weather- average temp for St. Louis is 70 degrees in October!
  20. Improve your inbound marketing strategy.
  21. Thrive in the event of change.
  22. Create a repeatable business model.
  23. Win the Sunrise Scramble this year…start training now!
  24. Learn best practices from your peers who are actually in the trenches with you.
  25. Perfect your demo strategy to win big.
  26. Bring your sales and marketing teams together for invaluable team building and learning.
  27. Meet with top industry ISVs to help your clients even more.
  28. Be more and do more for your company by developing your professional skills.
  29. Be inspired by your peers and excellent industry speakers.
  30. Gather new ideas to keep your internal teams happy and the morale high.
  31. Attend a St. Louis Rams football game (just happens to be a home game Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers…).
  32. Learn how to improve your social media strategies.
  33. Decide- is it time for mobile marketing and sales, or can I wait a bit longer?

Have you attended The Partner Connections Event in the past? Share your reasons why to attend with us below- we would LOVE to hear them.

Registration for TPCE is now open and early bird pricing is good through June 30. Even better, if you’re already attending Summit, TPCE is only $199 more out of your pocket. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity. Reserve your spot today!