Leadership is such a broad term for how many of us function every day. Some of us lead others professionally on a team at work. Others lead their families, parenting children and acting as role-models as kids grow up. All of us lead ourselves down the personal and professional journey that we see fit and that alone is not an easy feat.

With this all in mind, what does great leadership mean to you? By looking at a few great leaders of the past, there are five characteristics that ring true for all of them and The Partner Channel Magazine’s Leadership eBook, Five Characteristics of a GREAT Leader, showcases these skills in five expertly written articles touching on…

  1. Developing trust

  2. Adapting when necessary

  3. Taking new approaches to communication

  4. Staying in sync with your people

  5. Pursuing your passion

Download the eBook today and see what skills you naturally have along with the skills you may need to work on. Becoming a great leader doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be leading the crowd, but having more self-awareness is how you acquire the skills to leading yourself down the right path and others will naturally admire your journey.

What other leadership characteristics make for a great leader? Please share below!

P.S. Make sure to check out the *bonus characteristic within the eBook to see if you agree that being a learner can make you a better leader.


By Bethany Foyt, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Partner Channel