RMS 3.0 When is it becoming available or is it just hype?

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About 6 months ago I was contacted by a Microsoft Partner, who was talking alot about all the things that RMS Store Operations 3.0 will be able to do.  Now it is 6 months later we are not working with that partner any more and I can not find any information about Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations 3.0.  We are currently holding off on several software purchases to enhance RMS 2.0 in hopes that 3.0 would contain several of these, but without a release date we are just blowing in the wind.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics products aren't sold directly to the public. Microsoft sells through its partner channel. As Microsoft doesn't have a salesforce on its staff that sells to and supports the customers who buy Dynamics products, the partners are an essential link in the relationship between Microsoft and the customers. The information you're looking for is available through a Microsoft partner.

    Wanting to bypass the partner and get information directly from Microsoft on software your store owns is comparable to wanting to bypass the customer-facing departments at a company that has an internal sales and service team and deal directly with the E-level officers. Most partners will want you to sign a "contract" (I assume that's the contract you're talking about Joey) that says that they are your partner of record, because this gives them credit with Microsoft for working with you. But it's not really a contract, and you can change your partner of record at any time.

     The product is called POS 2009 rather than RMS 2.0 because it is not just the successor to RMS but also the current Microsoft Dynamcis Point of Sale product. The distinction between Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale and Microsoft Dynamics RMS will no longer exist; they are being rolled into one product. The decision to call it POS 2009 instead of RMS 2009 is probably just a marketing decision.

    There is some information on POS 2009 at these links, and more will be available here as it is released to the public:




  •  Sounds like they are actually dropping RMS and replacing it with a new product. Maybe a middle ground between RMS and POS. Retailers, lets all be realistic. If they couldnt fix the problems with RMS 2, Why would you expect them to be better on V3. Like it takes 6 years to figure out how to make a better matrix system?  RMS has been a very negative part of my life for 3 years, and I will research very carefully next time before I buy any software. Microsoft RMS is not software, it is a network of resellers who search out people over the web who dont know any better. I buy everything I can Microsoft, but this is not really Microsoft as I have found out. I hope this helps somebody.

  • Joey,

     I'd be surprised if that helps anybody. It doesn't sound like you've followed the recommended path to be successful with the product. Sorry if you ran into a partner that didn't work out for you. There are quality partners in the market that can help you with the product, and it is essential to leverage that help to be successful with the product. That's the way it's designed to work. The intention is not for you to buy the software directly from Microsoft and then try to figure out how it works, what you can do with it, and what changes are being planned for it on your own. That's true for all of the Dynamics software; it's complex, and not designed for off-the-shelf consumption, even if you're smart with software.

     There are many satisfied RMS customers. POS 2009 is an upgrade of RMS - there will be an upgrade path that will bring your data into POS 2009. It's going to be a solid release from every indication that I've seen. As with all of the Dynamics products, the RMS/POS software started out with a product that wasn't that great, but is built into a solid product within a few releases. If you're current on your maintenance, you can upgrade to POS 2009 for very little cost. If you're not current, I believe you can back-pay and then upgrade, so you don't have to purchase POS 2009 outright.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts on RMS and POS2009.  We've been using RMS for a few years now and I like to keep an eye on developments for our retail people.  Although we have to buy through a reseller, my hope is that we can install and migrate to POS2009 ourselves.  There are only two reseller options in my metro area and they're so bad that I've cast around to a neighboring state to find someone better to support us.  One of the local companies went so far as to charge us $70 for mailing a sales brochure to our new retail manager.  Needless to say, I'll be buying future support from Mars rather than toss them any more business.


  • Todd:

    I would love to be your go-to guy for RMS if you really cannot find someone in your area.  What a connection: Waikiki Beach to Minneso-cold!  And we never charge more than $50 for mailing sales brochures!

    Seriously, please contact me off-line if you would like to discuss this. We do quite a bit of remote support with both local and mainland accounts. No accounts on Mars at present.

    And remember... the initial release of POS2009 is specifically for single site businesses. If you are running multiple sites you have to stay with RMS for now. There are some third party products offering multi-site capabilities for POS2009 but none have been thoroughly tested and proven yet as the release version of POS2009 is still not available.




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  •  Mile,

    This week Minnesota makes Hawaii look cold and dry.  We're facing temperatures in the mid 90s with high humidity.  There has to be some counter to the -40ยบ temps in the depths of winter.

    We're a on shop stop, so the POS2009 site limitations aren't an issue.  My biggest conerns will be what features are deleted and the ever important cost.  We're a nonprofit theater and even in the best of times budgets are tight.  We definitely won't buy this year as it's not budgeted and I go by the rule 'don't buy v1.0.'  But next fiscal year we may pick it up if there's some must-have feature that the shop wants and the economy turns around.

    And thanks for the support offer-I may take you up on that at some point.  In the meantime I've got a company a couple of hours from here that's getting me a quote on the upgrade, but it never hurts to have an alternative in your back pocket.  I've never tried these guys before, so they could turn out to be as unreliable as our previous provider.  And remote support is remote support.  A little VPN and RDP action or a web session and you're off to the races.


  • My sales rep sent me a list of features that were deleted from POS2009.


    • Cashier messages are no longer a feature.
    • Net display (customer facing display that uses a second LCD display) was cut but it sounds like they will making it apart of the initial release because of partner feedback.
    • Accounts receivable, this is no longer a feature however they have released a free add-on that you can use to accomplish this.
    • Calendar of events, no longer a feature
    • Direct integration with Crystal reports is no longer support (you could still create crystal reports but you will not be able to access them the same way).
    • The internet orders feature in POS is gone (can still be integrated with e-commerce systems, just not with this function).
    • Macros are gone - the new touch UI can do most of what macros could do.

    Hopefully this will help someone decide if they want to go through with the upgrade.



  • Todd:

    I am an RMS partner working in the Duluth, MN area.  I would be VERY willing to support your RMS installation. 


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  • I have just download a trial copy from the following location:-


    Our supplier has told us that it will be available August 1st 2009. I am very impressed with it so far.

  • milesb

    Joey, Nick & Brandon:

    You should be maintaining a relationship with a current RMS partner/reseller so you can obtain the latest official information about RMS.  And yes, take some with a grain of salt.

    According to the latest partner webinar sessions POS2009 is scheduled for general release in August 2009.  This is a single site product only; it is *not* a replacement for RMS 2.0 multi-store/HQ installations.  There is *no* POS2009 to HQ interface; POS2009 and HQ *will not* work together.

    Unofficially... my guesstimate is that multi-store POS2009 and the *promised* HQ replacement will not be available for 12 to 18 months after the release of POS2009 in August.

    The recommendation for multi-store/HQ users from Microsoft is to stay with RMS 2.0 until the multi-store version of POS2009 is released.  The "proof" of Microsoft's committment to keeping RMS 2.0 current and moving forward is the recent release of SP3.

    (There are/will be third party HQ-type products available for use with POS2009.  As a reseller I would not recommend these solutions to our accounts).




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     Great post and it's pretty accurate!  I have been told the exact same thing execpt in addition they are working on the interface from the POS2009 to their Supply Chain Management software package.  That is what they plan to do..  Good old microsoft, but a company then destroy their product and then make theirs work as did the prior product did.  They are going about it a very half a#$ way from what i see.  No clear cut plan.  Makes me nervous that they are going to make a single product then try to make it interface with one of their others.  Hope I am wrong but if history is any indicator it make me nervous.  I am looking to other solutions since hearing about this tranasction from RMS 2.0 fowared.


    Great Post!


  •  Does anyone have a release date for POS 2009?  Last I heard it was August 2009, but haven't heard anything yet.  I have contacted my partner, but they are not sure and will be looking into it for us.  I am looking to get the system requirements and a trial version to evaluate if it is a better solution for us.

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide.


  • A quick Google search says it was released August 1, 2009.  I think we'll let it age for six months before we give it a go.


  •  It was released, and it is available for download, but difficult to get to. I have installed recently. It appears it fixes several bugs that we were concerned with.

    1. When a layaway is created, it is possible in 2.0 to take a payment, even though you had not sold anything in the layaway. The money was not applied to the layaway, and in essence, the layaway wasn't tracked, and the money was somewhat "lost".  This version fixes that.

    2. When losing network connectivity, the POS system would crash with a SQL error, even though we used local only databases. Microsoft tried to resolve this numerous times. POS 2009 doesn't seem to have the same issue.

    It's a much nicer interface. But, they missed the boat in some areas.


  • Brad,

    In regards to 2.When losing network connectivity.....

    We have had some luck chaning the configuration from (local) to, in the Store Operations Administrator. Only works on the Database computer.