Third Party Credit service for Dynamics Point of Sale

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Chris Brabant asked a question on 29 Mar 2012 1:57 PM

My company is trying to change from Vitality Credit processing to Mercury Payment systems.

I have already downloaded the Mercury plugin, but I cannot figure out how to install the plugin. the issue is that I have Dynamics - Point of sale which does not come with the store operations module. i have spent hours through google and this forum trying to find how to install a third party plugin to POS. All that i Have been able to find is using store operations to install the plugin.

Does anybody know how to install a third party plugin into Dynamics - Point of Sale V. 2.0



ed boyer responded on 30 Mar 2012 5:03 AM

This is a different plugin.  You need the MP9 plugin.  Contact Mercury and they should be able to provide this to you.  They will also most likely tell you that POS 2.0 is no longer PCI Compliant.  

Good Luck