Items not uploading at 1 store, appear on others.

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I am having a problem with HQ uploading items into store Manager. I ran worksheet 250 to upload new items to my 5 stores. The worksheet processed without any errors and the items appear in Store Manager on 4 of my stores, however the items do not appear in store manager in 1 store. What could possibly be going on?

The store that manager that is not showing the items is the same store as the one that has HQ. 

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  • Assuming you have the stores correctly linked (RTFM), I have to ask if these items are already in the store database.


  • On top of Jerry's suggestion to ensure that the HQ Client is pointing to the correct live database, I would recommend running a backdated 401 (a 401 worksheet that has a pre-dated effective date) and attempting another 250.  

    The other thing to check is to ensure that the HQ Client has been processing worksheets.  Also check the worksheet status in the Headquarters Manager and ensure that the store was selected.