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Purchase Order related 3711 Error

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  • CMcCurdy85 posted on 28 Jun 2018 4:14 PM
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    Effecting about 10 clients both HQ environments and Single Store environments. We went from having only 2 clients over the past year have the infamous 3711 error to about 10 in last 3 weeks. Getting 3711 errors when trying to add items from PO created in HQ environments and sent to the store or by creating and adding items in single store environments.  The error seems to pop inconstantly when selecting the the Add Item button in the Contents tab of the Purchase Order. See Screenshot. 

    Now I just tested this in my own test environment on my computer to see if I could get the error to pop. I got the error to pop after the 2nd time I clicked on "Add Item". I have seen the error pop every 6th time the button was clicked in one environment and every time in another environment. 

    RMS Version 2.0.2002

    SQL Versions Server 2008 - 2012

    OS: Windows 10 Pro

    Machine: Model Dell Optiplex 3010 - 3090 series

    I have been able to fix some cases of this error. Most of the Suggested fixes I have researched do not work. We have also attempted to rebuild a Database but it failed.

    Fixes that do not work:

    1. Hotfix #27 v 2.0.0162

    2. Increasing Maximum Server Memory to 25% to total amount of memory

    Fixes that have worked (Case specific) 

    1. Tested different Cashier accounts with security level that enable access to POs.

    2. Found that one of the Cashier account was the only account to have the 3711 error pop. I created a new Cashier account for the user with the same Security level and tested PO creation and the "Add Item" button.  The 3711 error went away.

    I have tried this fix in other Client environments and the New account fix did not work. The nature of this error appears to be caused by various actors. Over the last few weeks Windows 10 Pro has encountered Tile Database corruption widespread with various computer Brands and Models. I wonder if the 3711 error is just another symptom.

    Any thoughts or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.



  • Kevin Antosh responded on 29 Jun 2018 5:29 PM
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    Hi Chris! We've come across the 3711 error with RMS and HQ users off and on over the years. In some cases re-indexing the database and repairing MS Office appears to help. We've also had success with increasing the max memory size like you noted. In some cases, we have also put in Advanced Purchase Order ( which also has helped. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks! Kevin from RITE.


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