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FSA/HSA Cards Declining

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jlevin asked a question on 18 Oct 2018 12:38 PM

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I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with charging FSA/HSA cards? I've been seeing a lot of declines recently. 

Kevin Antosh responded on 19 Oct 2018 8:46 AM
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Hi! We have come across this recently as well. Only information that we have gathered so far is the following:

"Pharmacies or Health Services that want to process HSA/FSA:

All companies that want to process any HSA/FSA must register with prior to being able to process any HSA or FSA cards.  They will be limited in what they can run using anything that isn't specifically an FSA supporting POS.  "

Best, Kevin (RITE)

jlevin responded on 19 Oct 2018 9:01 AM

Thanks for the reply!

RMS has histrically been an FSA supporting POS, in fact when looking at Sigis' official list of certified TPS ( thtere are a few software vendors there that seem to use RMS as the backbone of their system.

We have only been having this issue in the past few months or so, therefore I was wondering if there's some update that we missed that causing the system to no longer be able to support FSA.

Kevin Antosh responded on 19 Oct 2018 9:12 AM
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FYI - I checked with our tech team and they let me know that which processor the retailer uses (and how the merchant account is setup) can effect how many cards are declined. Something related to MCC?  We are not experts in this area but I wanted to at least pass along what our tech team has learned. There is also a slight chance that some of this could be related to many processors no longer supporting the use of native EDC processing in RMS for security reasons (eg using Windows XP or non ecrypted USB magnetic stripe readers).


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