Store Operations Manager add items wizard not allowing tabbing

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I have always been under the assumption that using the tab key to move through form fields was a basic feature of windows apps. For some reason when our office manager is adding items using the add item wizard in Store operations manager, when she hits the tab key it pushes the wizard behind the main Store Operations Manager window.


This really kills productivity for obvious reasons.


Allow me to give some more context. We were using an older version of MS RMS, now at a new location, new register and MS RMS 2.0.0105 we are getting this behavior. We just finished our new installation yesterday. Everything else seems to be working fine so far and I have never had a "Tabbing Problem" like this before. Pressing "TAB" in other programs on the same computer seems to operate correctly so its just within MS RMS apparently.


Please help, let me know if I need to provide any more details.  I really appreciate your input.

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