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We were using 260's to update item descriptions, cost, price, etc. but found it was messing up our inventory.  260's seem to only be safe with new items.

250's don't update price or cost.

304's will update price, but not sale prices and not cost.

302's do cost, but not pricing.

Is there a worksheet that will update everything the way a 260 does, but not mess up stores' inventory?  It just seems there should be an easier way to update price, cost, sale price, etc. in one shot.  When we get a price increase from a Supplier, we typically need to raise our prices, too.  I don't want to have to run 4 worksheets to update an item.


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  • Doesn't the 250 do that?


  • Rick,

    We reccommend that one never uses a 260.  As you've found, it messes with the inventory at the store level, changing it to what HQ thinks what's on-hand.

    The costs are updated at the store level.  When one recieves the items, the cost is updated, The average cost per store is sent to HQ as long as you have selected the option in HQ Manager | File | Configuartion | Options.

    You can then use a 304 to update the Regular price and 305 for the ABC prices.

    -- Regards,

    Jeff Hobbs
    Check Point Software

  • Hi Rick,

    I agree with Jeff using 260 is dangeous.  I also doing one worksheet at a time is also very time consuming.  The FREE RR HQ and Store Utility has an Item worksheet where you can set all you are asking in one screen and then when updated it changes the prices and creates the worksheets all in one.  Contact me with any questions.

    Afshin Alikhani -

    Retail Realm Distribution