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Jason Lovin asked a question on 5 Jul 2013 7:56 AM

Once a service call has been entered into Invoice Entry our users then pull it up with the Service Call Invoice report in Service Maintenance. They hit 'Print Preview' then 'View Selections' which generates a look-up of service calls that can be batched and invoiced.

The problem we have is a large number of service calls that were entered in Invoice Entry and are not available for selection in Service Call Invoice to be batched.

I have looked in the smServCall table and the SC_ID06 field has a number entered, but if I look in smInvBatch for that batch number, a batch created by a different user is all I see.

I also pulled up smInvDetail and ran the SC_ID06 value against the ID_ID06 field in this table and got no results.

So far, all I can tell is that none of these service calls generated invoices and were somehow assigned to the same batch number as a different user.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Kolpien responded on 12 Jul 2013 1:28 PM

Hi Jason,

There are a couple things I can think of that may prevent these service calls from showing when you print the invoices.  Please see the following:

-- Just to confirm, the invoices you are wanting to print - is the balance greater than 0.00?

-- The print preview should be using a select statement similar to the following:

SELECT * FROM smServCall WHERE InvoiceFlag = 0 AND InvoiceStatus IN (''O'',''P'') AND InvoiceHandling = ''A''

Knowing this, if you review the smservcall records where servicecallid = the service call ids you're attempting to print the invoices for, do the invoiceflag, invoicestatus and invoicehandling flags meet the above criteria? If not, how are they different?


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Jason Lovin responded on 16 Jul 2013 8:39 AM

Since I posted my initial request, I had found that the field 'RI_ID' in the smServCall table, there were values that I saw of 0, 3, and 10. Once I changed this value to 0 I was able to select the invoices for printing with no problem.

I will say that I'm having the same problem again, but the value in this RI_ID field is 11.

Can you please tell me what this field is and what the different values mean?