Using SL 2015 CU2. Have some old BOMs that were created way back in Solomon version 4. We had some customizations done that used an item number as the then sequence number was not good enough (to short). At least that's what I think, I could be wrong

Anyway, several years back, I ran a sql routine that updated the sequence numbers with the values from the custom field, so the BOM report would sort the items correctly. User3 was the custom field. User3 had a decimal in the mask followed by two numbers. So, the update statement did not work correctly on all of the BOMs. So the update would put E+0006 (or somesuch) in the sequence field, which would cause the BOM report to crater. I figured out the correct update statement to fix these. Users will periodically run up against these bad sequence numbers and ask me to fix them.

This morning a user found one, with a bunch of sub BOMs, so I opened management studio to fix it, and one of the sub BOMs I looked at the select results and noticed that two lines had E+0007 there, meaning they had a 6 digit "sequence" number. I set that one aside, and found another one that User3 had 12345.10 (for example), and I could not update that one either.

The Mask for the BOM sequence is 99999. My question, can I update the mask using customization manager to 99999.99 without breaking anything?

Thanks in advance.