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SL 2011/2015 Duplicate EDI 850

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Mark E asked a question on 10 May 2019 10:10 AM
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Running into situations where a trading partner has sent duplicate 850 documents (on different dates).  Using eCommerce Connector (EDI Gateway), the first one gets picked up and correctly processed to a Sales Order.  The second 850 is not being seen as a duplicate EDI PO, and also creates a new Sales Order, causing issues with potential over commitment of products and shipments.

Does the eCommerce module not have the ability to identify potential duplicate 850's and not process the second one as a Sales Order?

Mark E responded on 12 May 2019 6:38 AM
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In reviewing this in more detail, there is a proc (ED850Header_DupeChk) that executes during the "Process Inbound EDI Purchase Orders" (44.400.00) screen.  It checks on the fields CpnyID, PONbr, GSNbr, STNbr, and ISANbr.  In my cases where the PONbr was the same, the GSNbr, STNbr and ISANbr fields were different, so it allowed the EDI PO to be imported.  These EDI PO's were indeed duplicates (one PO even showed 07 as the Purpose Code, which is defined as Duplicate).  Not sure the rationale behind validating on the additional GSNbr, STNbr, and ISANbr fields.  Not sure of the best way to identify to the user that these EDI PO's are potential duplicates, and to evaluate before importing to a Sales Order.

I guess I could put some warning or notation on the EDI PO Received report, and hope the user picks up on it.  Any help on how to better evaluate potential duplicates would be helpful.


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