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hello, i work for a call center and it would be ideal for me to send out mass emails that have individual's pertinent information on their emails, thus im looking to use mail merge.  However, i would need it to also place an closed activity on each individual's file in CRM.

with this being said, when i get to the end of the mail merge and i choose to create an activity in crm, sometimes it works but sometimes i get this error message "an error occured promoting this item to microsoft dynamics crm.  the microsoft dynamics crm server could not be contacted or the user has insufficient permissions to perform this actoion. do you want to sent the email?  if you click yes, the email will be sent out, but no corresponding activity will be created in microsoft dynamics crm"

is there any quick fix to this?  i know it isnt my permissions because it has worked for particular accounts but it just doesnt seem to be fluid.  this would be much more efficent rather than sending the mail merge, and then having to go to my sent items and select "track" and "set regarding" to each individual email sent out.

Thank you for your help with this!

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  • Hi

    You can use the mail merge for the letter or email communication, but to achieve the closed activity part of your req, you can create the marketing list for those accounts/contacts and create letter activity and distribute that activity as closed activity in crm.

  • hello,

    if you are interested in third party solutions you could take a look into our AutoMerge for MS CRM. It gives you the possibility to design your template with fields from CRM in Word and then use it in workflows to generate individual documents(pdf,docx,...). This documents can then be send per email or can be used as body of the email.

    You will find on our homepage a detailed description and a download link to test the product.

    If you have questions let me know


    Christian Ternek



  • Hello FKHOJA,

    Thank you for this helpful information.  I have turied to use the marketing list and create letter activity, however i do not know how to distribute it as a closed activity in crm?  can you help me with this part?

  • Hello,

    You can check this out for troubleshooting common mail merge issues.

    Best Regards,

    Shahid S

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Engineer