Welcome to Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights! Let’s take a quick look at steps to connect with Customer Service Insights and the capabilities available in preview.

Customer Service Insights lets you quickly connect to your customer service data in Dynamics 365 and gain artificial intelligence (AI) powered insights into your customer service experience.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365, get started with Customer Service Insights by signing up for free. If you don’t, you can first start a Dynamics 365 trial and then sign up for preview. Once you have signed up, you can start using Customer Service Insights at https://csi.ai.dynamics.com.

Connect to your data

The first step is to connect to your customer service data in Dynamics 365. You get a simple self-service experience which doesn’t require admin privileges and you will see insights only for the data that you already have access to.

To connect your data, select Dynamics 365 on the “Connect your data” dialog. You will see a list of all the Dynamics 365 environments you can access, select the environment with your customer service data.

The service will create a new workspace for you by processing a limited set of data. The full data for last 60 days will be processed as a background task and you will be notified via e-mail once the processing is completed.

Note: Customer Service Insights is currently only available in English and will process & store data in United States based data centers. Support for more languages and global data centers will be available with general availability.

Explore preview functionality

Customer Service Insights provides a rich set of dashboards that give you a detailed picture of your customer service system and help you identify key areas for improvement that can increase customer satisfaction. Learn how to work with Customer Service Insights dashboards.

Let’s look at the key functionalities and dashboards available in public preview.

  • Automated grouping of related support cases as topics

    Customer Service Insights uses natural language understanding to automatically group your cases into topics. No need to manually tag thousands of cases in your customer support system, AI does it for you.

    Topics insights are available throughout all the dashboards available in the public preview. They help you discover and adapt to current and emerging trends, identify areas affecting your brand sentiment and improve resolution rates. Learn how to identify areas for improvement.

    For example, the Top case volume impactors and Emerging topics charts display support topics that are generating the most volume and that have a high-volume change in order of volume over the specified time period.

  • KPI summary dashboard

    The KPI summary dashboard includes a variety of charts with graphical views of your system's key performance indicators. It gives you a broad overview of the customer service experience at your organization, helps you identify emerging trends and shows you topics with greatest case volume. Learn more.

  • Incoming cases dashboard

    The Incoming cases dashboard gives you an overview of the incoming cases for the selected time period and helps you identify emerging issues in your customer service system. It shows charts detailing priority, channel and timing of your incoming cases along with topics that are generating the most cases and are showing the biggest change in volume. Learn more.

  • Customer satisfaction dashboard

    The Customer satisfaction dashboard provides insights in your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score and brand sentiment among your customers. The Top CSAT impactors chart shows you the topics that are having the most impact on customer satisfaction. Learn more.

  • Case resolution dashboard

    The Case resolution dashboard shows you topics that are having the most impact on case resolution time, helping you identify areas for improvement that can have the greatest impact on your performance. Learn more.

  • Topic details dashboard

    You can get details on a specific topic’s performance by using the Topics details dashboard. To open the Topic details dashboard, right-click on the topic name in any topic chart, hover over Drillthrough and then select Topic Drillthrough. Learn more.

  • Improve your generated topics by cleansing case titles

    As explained earlier, Customer Service Insights uses natural language understanding to automatically group your cases into topics based on the case titles. If your case titles include ‘tags’ or additional information like product name, case status, priority, etc., then those tags will dominate the data and the AI will struggle to generate high quality topics.

    Let’s take an example case title:

    (Archived)  Promotion | User didn’t get their package | Tier 1 | P1

    In this case, we should use the actual issue ‘User didn’t get their package’ rather than tags like ‘Archived’, ‘Escalated’, ‘Promotion’, ‘Tier 1’ or ‘P1’ when grouping the case into a topic.

    You can help AI identify the tags to ignore by specifying the tag separators used in your case titles. Learn how to use case title cleansing.

  • Daily refresh of your dashboards

    Your workspace will refresh automatically daily with the latest data for last 60 days. The daily refresh time is automatically determined by the service and cannot be configured. The last refresh time for your workspace is shown on each dashboard below the dashboard title.

Learn more and join the community

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We are excited to see how you can transform your customer service experience and look forward to your feedback!