Introducing alerts from Market Insights

Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview is introducing customizable alert notifications to enable you to stay on top of emerging news. They are your eyes and ears on the web for a product, brand, or company you want to follow. In a couple of minutes, you can catch up on the most important news related to your topics via a daily or weekly email. 

Market Insights alerts aim at helping business professionals stay ahead of the game on topics related to their work in a quick and easy way. The alerts are designed specifically for business leaders and employees in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, or Finance departments.

  • Monitor what your customers are saying, searching and feeling about your brand, product, company or your competitors.
  • Know what your competitors are doing. For example, you can learn about product launches, pricing changes, hiring updates, etc.
  • Track what’s happening in the industry and if there are product trends, new entrants to the market, or rumors of M&As, etc.
  • Keep an eye on major events that are important to your business, like conferences.


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These are the first of several capabilities lined up to be introduced in the product. We encourage you to try the public preview by going to and tracking your topic of interest. We look forward to your feedback on our community portal.