How to reset a production CRM Dynamics 365 instance.

I needed to Reset Production Instance instance of CRM back to a fresh OOB instance removing all data and customizations.
I know this is not a normal activity as why would you want to delete all the data you have and the customizations?  This is an extreme move but for my scenario it was the ideal solution.

I use the instance primarily for testing so it had every additional solution installed (Field Service, Gamification, Voice of the customer, PSA) as well as various customisations I had added to forms and some 3rd party solutions.

I wanted to tidy this all up and start fresh. As such a full reset was the logical option.
Via backup and restore of the Dynamics 365 admin panel you only have the option to restore any backups you have taken yourself or the system taken ones which span over the last few days

Which does not allow me to fully reset my instance back to day 1.

I also discovered through this that there is no reset button on a production instance like there is on a sandbox instance. Which I had taken for granted all the times I seen it as I was sure there was one on the Production instance.

Given this, you can raise a support ticket with Microsoft and request that from there end that they rest the Database and in turn purge your instance of data and reset it.

There is a manual workaround for this. Whereas the reset option was available on a sandbox instance I edited the production instance and change to a sandbox and the reset option then became available to me.
• Edit the instance and change the instance type to ‘sandbox’

• As no sandbox license available , warning prompt received to advise will continue to use the production license.

• Saving this will return you to the admin centre where you will see the instance is sandbox type and the reset option is now available


• When you then ‘reset’ the instance you can choose which apps you want to install, language and currency and the usual general settings

• Once you have pressed ‘reset’ you have one final prompt to confirm you want to complete the reset of the instance where it advises all data etc will be deleted


• The background work to reset the instance takes a few minutes to complete


• Once this has completed you can then edit the sandbox instance and change the type back to production. Where you will have a fresh OOB instance of dynamics 365.