The XRM Toolbox holds a lot of great tools which can help the every day CRM administrator or system customizer. One of the tools widely used is the View Layout Replicator. I will show you how to connect to a D365 online instance below and use the view layout replicator plugin to update account views.

This will save a lot of time if you have key fields you need to add to the views quickly versus going into each individual view and updating it manually.

NB: Before starting, I highly recommend speaking to your CRM partner as making changes to your CRM instance can impact your data if managed incorrectly. 

Steps to Set Up the View Layout Replicator

Connecting to D365 online

You can download the XRM Tool box here to get started:

After unzipping and installing the XRM Toolbox you will be presented with the following welcome splash screen:


XRM Toolbox Install


Click on the plugins tab and scroll down to the View Layout Replicator:


View Layout Replicator


You will be asked to connect to an organisation first:


Connect to an Organization

Click on ‘New connection’

New connection


Copy and paste the organization URL and enter in your Dynamics 365 login info and press go:


Copy and paste organization URL


Enter your credentials here:


Enter credentials



Once you are successfully connected, you will be presented with the view layout replicator tool.

Click Load Entities.  This will present the full list of CRM entities that you can clone views on.


Load Entities in XRM Toolbox


In this case I am selecting Account. In the top right window, it will display the parent view that the other child views will copy their columns from:


Parent and child views - Account


Select the parent view in the source view and child views in the target views section:


Select parent and child view


Click Save views in the ribbon:


Save views in XRM Toolbox


Publish the entity and the child views will have been cloned from the parent view.

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