Now, you may have a requirement where you’d want users to input data in a correct format for better readability and validity.

There is a feature for a control where you can achieve this in tablet/mobile app of D365 and on the new v9 version of D365. It is called Input Mask

For this example, I’ll demonstrate the feature on the new D365 v9’s Unified Interface.

Define Input Mast for a control:

Here’s how you can define an Input Mask for a control. Take an example of a Lead where I want business users to enter Business Phone field in a specified format only:

  1. Navigate to change the Field Properties on the Lead form:

    And click on Add Control to add the new type of control for the field.
  2. Select Input Mask and click Add.
  3. Select where you want the Input Mask to effect and then select the pencil icon to edit the condition
  4. Create your format by following the instructions. You can either bind to a value on a field or bind to a static value. I selected to bind to a static value.
     Confirm your changes and publish the same as below

Input Mask Validating user input

Since you’ve published the changes, let’s take a look at the Lead form and check the validation message if incorrect format is entered.

  • Navigate to the Lead form in the Unified Interface. And enter the Business Phone which is not compliant to the specified format.

    You’ll see the validation error.

  • Only when I enter correct format, I’m able to save the same.

Hope this quick tip was helpful!

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