Every company has several requirements before they can start production, or in fact, provide any service at all. This kind of need can be scheduled quickly beforehand with the help of Service Scheduler in MS Dynamics 365. Your customers will never complain again as your services would be on time and planning, and this would be done optimally and efficiently by bringing all your resources under a single roof.

Let Us Have A Look At An Example That Will Showcase Such A Scenario:

Strang Car Wash schedules car washes for their customers. Strang will incur huge profits if they can service their customers quickly and superlatively. This scheduling is a function of their availability, availability of resources and equipment and even the schedule of the client.

Let's See How Strang Accomplishes The Task:

Define Service Centers

These units or service centers are the places where Strang provides its car wash service.

Manage Resources and Equipment

Strang maintains a list of all the resources and equipment that is managed under each service center required to provide their service. Let us take an example- there are two resources created that is the washers. We can add even more resources in terms of equipment and tools like car jacks and detergent, which are integral to the car wash service.

Define the Availability of Resources and Equipment

In the work hour’s section, we can adequately define the shifts of various employees, in this example, washers and the other equipment and tools they might use. This makes a proper schedule of all given resources that helps to make an accurate prediction when to schedule the next client.

Classify Resources into Groups

Here is the step where we draw a line between various types of resources we have. We classify them into a group they belong to. In this example, we classify washers into employees and tools into equipment.

Providing an Appointment for the Service

Strang now has all the information it requires. Be it their schedule or availability of various groups of their resources. Strang now is ready to provide a car wash service record to the client, which also will show the funds they are entitled to use. This is done based on the input data of the client, like their own schedule et cetera. Creating a Service Activity.

Now that we have a service record, our only work left is to look at possible time slots and finally schedule an appointment and ready all required resources, equipment and tools for that car wash.

A Scheduler Dashboard

Now, this information should be public to all employees and resources, hence this is updated to the scheduler board or the dashboard of the car wash company so that the washers know who to service when.

Let us now set up the new Service scheduling experience with the Dynamics 365:

Setting up varies for different situations:

If you are a brand-new entity or company availing the new Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, by default, the Service Scheduling core systems come as default functionality already installed into your company system. Now, to access scheduling, go to the site map of the Customer service hub.

However, if you belong to the category of Microsoft dynamics CRM services companies that already have been reaping the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement organization, it does not come bundled or by default into your company system. Hence, you must install the required software from MS 365 admin center, like service scheduling and the like.


Service Scheduling is a privileged process, and therefore only can be performed by accounts managing security roles and/or equivalent permissions.

Maintain that the company profile has one of the latest versions of URS (Universal Resource Scheduling), which could range from or higher. To check the Unified Resource Scheduling version on your instance, go to Settings > Solutions.

And finally, quite obviously, you should have installed the Customer Service Hub application.

Now That We Have the Scheduling Solution, We Must Proceed To Implement Them

Arrive at Microsoft 365 Admin center.

Traverse as the following in the Menu: Show all > Admin centers > Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 will now open in a new tab.

You will arrive at the Admin Centre of Dynamics 365 that will showcase the ‘Instances’ tab. In this tab, select the desired instance type from the drop-down menu.

In case you have an issue, and you want to update or tweak a few settings, look for the edit icon placed just next to the solutions. A page appears that reads: Manage your solutions page. During this process, you will notice that in the Manage your solutions page, on selecting Core Service Scheduling, the status column shows ‘Not installed’.

Now, therefore, you must install the required dependencies and connect the Core Service Scheduling subsequently. Simple select the install button placed right next to the Core Service Scheduling card. A highly detailed page explaining the ‘Terms of Service’ page appears.

In the ‘Terms of Service’ page, make sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions and then select install. The installation may take a few minutes.

After successful installation, you can access scheduling in the Customer Service Hub sitemap.

Concluding words

This article was all about how to get started with Service Scheduling with Dynamics 365. Now you can easily schedule services for your client beforehand. This aims at an informative, practical and a relaxed take on creating service scheduling procedure.