Recently i had to open a ticket with Microsoft Dynamics CRM team begging for Assistance as we had (and still having) problem with CRM where every time when one of our customers send reply to an email from our support team, he receive an auto response that a new case has been created for him.

In matter of fact, 10 minutes later with the next SSS sync the email got into CRM and smart matching notice that the email is actually reply to an existing email communication and links it to it. However, the customers doesn't know that and often replies back to that auto reply email, this ofcource now trigger case creation in CRM as in the subject of the email from where the reply is cumming contains different ticket number. So long story short, sometimes we end up for one case to have auto generated cases on every reply from the customer, were each case is automatically distributed among the support agents. From customer perspective is very annoying because every agent will ask you set of preset question at the beginning to identify the problem, so the customer is start wondering if we are i morons or we are just messing around with him.

I raised a ticket with SEV A and provide bunch of message headers, screenshots, detailed explanation and steps for the issue. 

Additionally i send business justification for the case to become 24/7 with availability from our side due to the reason that this emails that customer receives after every reply, at some point will be marked by some of our customers as SPAM, which will increase the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) of our domain, this later on can flag the domain as SPAM and block our messages at all, meaning no Marketing campaigns, no support, no nothing.

Microsoft support in EMEA - Sofia (Bulgaria) really did a great job and escalated case internally, however the problem is that no-body from the so called "escalation teams" is doing anything on that. The case has been transferred to another timezone for work as it is 24/7, i responded to the emails from the engineers in the next zone to inform them, that im available if they need to hear me, and in the middle of the night someone decided that:

After reviewing the details on this case, it looks like the Operations Team is currently working on this. Therefore we will proceed to change the severity from A to B and will remove the 24/7,  and we will transfer this service request to you origin region so you can get contacted on your local hours for more updates.

I'm not sure how two other regions can work on the case when "it looks like the Operations Team is currently working on this" and this particular guy cannot, so somehow he decided high business impact case can be lower with severity and send back to a region where is middle of the night so clearly nobody can follow with me.

What is really sad is that so called "escalation team" thing themselves for some kind of gods and they decide when to help the engineers under them and the customers as well, who cares that there is a business justification reason?, who cares that this is a Microsoft Customer?, who cares that we have tons of information provided to start researching from?. After that case i send an email to so called GetHelp team ( which apparently also didn't really case what is going on because i haven't hear from them even since.

I'm wondering how Microsoft can even exist as a company when treating its customers that way?, what kind of support they are investing in?, how can the people trust in this company and buy or recommend its products? 

I'm extremely shocked and disappointed from Microsoft and still waiting for them to resolve my issue before we loose our domain.