It’s difficult to put a price on improving the operational functionality of your business. Field management software is intuitive and easy to master in a minimum time frame. Its scalable functionality allows you to take control and use the services best suited to your business and your operations.

Pricing is dependent upon your individualized needs. The extensive training and support capabilities make the cost of implementation well worth the investment, and you can start optimizing your operations immediately, saving you time, money, and hassle. 


Obtaining the Best Return for Your Investment

Measuring the return on a company’s investment is a top priority for most CFOs. Specialists can provide an estimation of costs and services that can give you a quick, accurate overview of what your investment will cost and what you can expect to see in return.

We take into account all of the specifics of your company, including type of company, your basic operating model, how many employees you have and exactly what types of issues you are trying to address by using FieldOne's technology. You can specify who will be using the software, whether you have an in-house IT department, different roles for each user and detailed information on what sorts of tasks you most want to accomplish using field management software.

A skilled support and training staff will walk you through this in-depth questionnaire session to obtain a comprehensive picture of your needs, and in turn develop the best, most effective plan of action for your business. This plan will be outlined in detail in your consultation materials.

Look For Increased Revenue and Reduced Costs

Some of the benefits you can expect to see after the implementation of field-management software are a reduction in fuel costs, reduced travel time, reduction in overtime costs, reduction in the number of necessary dispatchers — and that’s just the beginning. Streamlining your inventory can mean a reduction in the number of incorrect parts shipped, reduction in overstocked items, reduction in the average cost to test and return inventory, improved defect return rates, and a more easily organized and accessed inventory.

You can also expect revenue to increase, as this software allows you to easily recoup unbilled time and expense revenue, transfer more of your customer base to value-added contracts, determine profitable and unprofitable service contracts, and make reductions in outstanding receivables. These are just a few of the many improvements you can look forward to after switching your operations to field-management technology. 

Mastering the Technology

FieldOne provides training materials that can be utilized to educate your project managers in the software. Our mission is to have your employees trained, the software implemented, and you well on your way to becoming comfortable using the mobile and desktop field-management tools within weeks.


Written by Julio Hartstein