As we all know that in last post we learned how to create charts for model driven app. Now we will discussing about how to create a dashboard for this app and link it with site map.

So, let's begin with it.

- Sign in PowerApps.

- Open your model driven app and click on Edit.

Steps required for creating a dashboard.

Step 1) Click on Dashboards and it will show you its components.  Then click on Create new button to create new dashboard. Select classic dashboard option.

Step 2) Choose a layout. In my case I have selected 2 column layout and click on create button. It will open a new window.

Step 3) Enter name for your dashboard. Select Insert chart option for first column and insert list for second column.

Step 4) Insert a chart. Select your record type and view. Then click on add button.

Step 5) Insert a list. Select your record type and view. Then click on add button.

Step 6) Select Save then close. Go to Site map designer and select newly created dashboard.

Steps for linking dashboard with SiteMap. In order to show it as a first screen on app.

Step 1) Click on Site map edit button.

Step 2) Click on Add button and add sub area component.

Step 3) Rename it and set following properties on it. In order link it with newly created dashboard. I moved it up so that it should be first area for user to look around.

In last Save and Publish your application.

In the next part we will see what we have created. Stay tuned.