With the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX and the integration with Power BI, the Microsoft Power BI team has released some pretty cool new features. One of them is “Content Packs” available through Microsoft AppSource. These are apps or integrations that you can use with for example Dynamics AX. The Power BI team has currently released three different content packs for Dynamics AX:

  • Cost Managamenet
  • Financial Performance
  • Retail Channel


Where do I find the Microsoft AppSource in Power BI and how do I add the Content Packs?

  1. On the welcome screen to Power BI you can either go directly to the AppSource via “Services” or, import or connect to data.


2. When pressing the “Get” button the MicrosoftAppSource will open and if you scroll a little bit down you will find the Microsoft Dynamics AX Content Packs.



3.Press the “Get” button on the content pack you want. You then have to specify the URL of your Dynamics AX (7) environment (Click here if you need help finding those parameters):

4. For Authentication Method, select oAuth2 and insert your Dynamics AX credentials

5. After approving, Power BI will start to import. When complete, a new dashboard, report and model will appear in the Navigation Pane.