I’ve been doing this a lot recently so I decided to share with you how to rebuild the Data Mart for Management Reporter 2012.


  1. Close all instances of MR and back up the Management Reporter database
  2. Start the Configuration Console and click on “Integration” under ERP integrations


3. Click the Disable Integration button. Wait for it to load.


4. Click the Remove link in the top-right corner to remove the integration


5. Stop the MR services at the top (Management Reporter Services)


6.  Delete the ManagementReporterDM. In my example this will be the “ManagementReportDM_PROD”. (Remember to take backup of the Management Reporter database).



7. Go back to the Configuration Console and start both the Application Service and the Process Service.


8. Click File -> Configure and deploy a new Data Mart integration


9. Select Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Mart

01.02.2016 19.51

10. I don’t need the Microsoft Access database so I will just press “Next”.


10. Configure Management Reporter


Management Reporter needs to know how to connect to the AOS and the SQL database, so provide that information in the Dynamics AX2012 connection information. If the user you are using can create the necessary databases you can use windows authentication.

11. Click Close when it’s finished


12. Return to the Configuration Console and select your new integration. Click Enable Integration.


13. The initial integration takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the server, but I’ve also seen this take up to one hour.


14. Once the integration finishes, the data mart rebuild is complete.

Good luck!