On behalf of the Dynamics AX 2009 development team I'm proud to announce that as of build 5.0.529.0 we have reached zero X++ best practice errors in the SYS layer.

Version 4.0 was the first release of Dynamics AX without any best practice errors. Reaching this level of code quality was a mammoth effort; due to the huge backlog and many new TwC related BP rules.

In Dynamics AX 2009 the goal was significantly easier to reach, as we didn't have any backlog. However; we have introduced more than 60 new BP rules, including validation of XML documentation, inventory dimensions, upgrade scripts, workflow, list pages, AIF and performance. On top of this the SYS layer now contains much more functionality than ever before - the AOD file alone has grown with more than 50%. All of this now conform to the Best Practice rules implemented.

What does this mean for you as an X++ partner developer?

  • When you use the best practice tool, and it reports a BP error - then you should pay attention to it, as you introduced a problem.

  • The high quality of the code in the SYS layer should overall make your life easier, as it conforms to a set of standards, making the code easier to understand across the entire application.

For more information on MorphX Best Practices see: Channel 9 Screencast, or MSDN.

For more information on the importance of static code analysis see: Compiler warnings - and so what?